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info COVID-19

Restrictive measures of AIR TRAFFIC to and from mainland Portugal [Updated 14 May 2021]

Published in 14.05.2021
Flights to and from Portugal are allowed for:

Flights to and from the countries of the European Union or from Schengen Associated countries:
Countries with an incidence rate equal to or greater than 150 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days - Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Switzerland
- Only “essential travel” is allowed
- Must present proof of a negative test to COVID-19 (RT-PCR), carried out within 72 hours before boarding time
Countries with an incidence rate equal to or greater than 500 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days - Brazil, Cyprus, Croatia, France, India, Lithuania, Netherlands, South Africa and Sweden
- Only “essential travel” is allowed
- Must present proof of a negative test to COVID-19 (RT-PCR), carried out within 72 hours before boarding time
- It is compulsory to comply with a prophylactic isolation period of 14 days, at home or in a place indicated by the health authorities, after entering mainland Portugal
Flights from Ireland, Finland, Iceland and Malta have no restrictions, but passengers need a negative test to COVID-19 (RT-PCR), carried out within 72 hours before boarding time.

Non-essential travels from UK are allowed to enter Portugal as of the 00:00 of 17th of May, but must present proof of a negative test to COVID-19 (RT-PCR), carried out within 72 hours before boarding time

Flights from Australia, China, South Korea, New Zealand, Rwanda, Singapore, Thailand, and the special administrative regions of Hong Kong and Macau are not suspended, subject to confirmation of reciprocity;

Flights to and from other countries (which are not members of the European Union or which are not countries associated with the Schengen Area) for "essential travel" only;

Flights intended to allow the return to Portugal of nationals or foreign citizens holding a residence permit in Portugal and flights intended to allow the return to their countries of foreign citizens who are in Portugal, provided that they are promoted by the competent authorities of those countries.

All passengers, from all nationalities, must present proof of a negative test to COVID-19 (RT-PCR), carried out within 72 hours before boarding time, with the exception of children who have not reached 24 months of age.

Those who are obliged to comply with the 14-day prophylactic isolation in Portugal must register with SEF - Foreigners and Borders Service before entering the country at
The prophylactic isolation does not apply to:
- passengers traveling on essential trips and whose period of stay in national territory, attested by a return ticket, does not exceed 48 hours;
- passengers traveling exclusively to participate in international professional competitions, listed in Annex IV of the official governmental document Despacho nº 3838-A/2021 (in Portuguese);
- passengers integrated in foreign delegations to participate in meetings within the scope of the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

“Essential travel” is defined as trips allowing the transit, entry into and departure from Portugal for professional purposes, study, family reunions, health and humanitarian reasons and under the reciprocity principle.
In essential travels, national and foreign citizens with legal residence in Portugal and also diplomatic personnel accredited in Portugal who, exceptionally, do not present the test, will have to do it on arrival, at the airport, and at their own expense. Foreign passengers who embark without the test performed, will be refused entry into national territory, with the airline being the subject of a fine.

The Portuguese airports (Lisboa, Porto, Faro, Ponta Delgada e Funchal) have implemented several initiatives in order to keep staff and passengers safer. A body temperature measurement system was implemented on arrival. Passengers will be requested to fill out a form from the Health Authorities - Passenger Locator Card -, that can be fulfilled online or will be provided by the Airline Company, during the flight. This information will be used to contact passengers, in case someone develops COVID-19 symptoms within the same flight.
For more information see this link.
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Other FAQs read this link
publish date: 2021.05.16

Decommissioning - dates when Portugal will reopen [overpast]

    Published in 02.05.2020
    The portuguese government presented yesterday the deconflation plan valid from 4th May on. Portugal has lived in the last six weeks in a state of emergency due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Find out here the most relevant dates for the reopening of the country.

General rules in force in Portugal - from 4th May
- Confinement becomes mandatory only for sick people and under active surveillance;
- Civic duty of home collection continues to apply;
- Prohibition of events or gatherings with more than 10 people;
- Maximum capacity of 5 people / 100m2 in closed spaces;
- Funerals can now be held with the presence of family members.

Trade and Catering
- Rules from 4th May: Mandatory use of mask / operation from 10 am for stores to reopen.
- Hairdressers and similar: by appointment and specific conditions.
- Restaurants: 50% capacity, operation until 23 pm and specific conditions .

Commerce and Restaurants
From 4th May to open:
- Local shops: stores with open doors to the street up to 200m2 - Hairdressers, manicurists and the like;
- bookstores and car trade, regardless of the area.
From 18th May to open:
- Stores with open doors to the street up to 400m2 or parts of stores up to 400 m2 (or larger by decision of the local authority)
- restaurants, cafes and patisseries / terraces.
From 1st June to open:
-Stores with an area greater than 400m2 or inserted in shopping centers.

Schools and Social Facilities
- school rules: Mandatory use of masks (except children in daycare centers and kindergartens).
- Rules: it becomes mandatory to use a mask / attendance by prior appointment- Deconcentrated branches serving the public (finance offices, conservatories, etc.)
- Citizen stores open from 1st May.

From 4th May
- Practicing individual outdoor sports - Without using changing rooms or swimming pools.
From 30/31 May
- Football: official competitions of the 1st Football League and Portuguese Cup, conditions for opening stadiums subject to evaluation by the Directorate-General for Health (DGS).

Religious Ceremonies
Return on the weekend of 30-31 May.
- Community celebrations according to rules to be defined between the Directorate-General for Health (DGS) and religious denominations.

From 4th May
- Libraries and archives.
From 18th May to open:
- Museums, monuments and palaces, art galleries and the like.
From 1st June
- Cinemas, theaters, auditoriums, concert halls - With marked seats, reduced capacity and physical distance.

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publish date: 2020.05.02

"20 reasons why we'll all return to Portugal when this is finally over"

    Published in 01.05.2020
   On 27 April 2020 the well-known british newspaper The Telegraph has published online an article signed by journalist Mary Lussiana who wrote:
"In the new dawn of travel, when the starting gun has sounded and we are all longing for a taste of the unknown, exotic or merely different, Portugal is that rare thing of being near but with beaches that rival the Caribbean, of being foreign but familiar. Best of all, they love us. After all, Portugal is England’s oldest ally with a friendship formalised in 1386 ... read article in The Telegraph
publish date: 2020.05.01

"More than 90% of companies ... zero sales" in April and May 2020.

    Published in 22.04.2020
    In the briefing about the situation of tourism in Portugal in the COVID-19 pandemy period, the president of Portuguese Tourism Confederation, Francisco Calheiros, has said that the impact of the Covid-19 crisis on the sector has been "extremely violent", "It's difficult to attribute a number". For March the impact vary from company to company", with drops of "30%, 40% and 50%". "Now, in April and May, they don't vary much: more than 90% of companies [will] have zero sales," he added.
“We have already had the problem on Easter holidays, but we are very worried about what could happen in the summer,” he said.
publish date: 2020.04.22

last update: 2021.05.16

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